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How much post-editing is required?

85-90% of the intro lines are typically good to go. Generally, it is best practice to review the intro lines before sending out a campaign. A batch of 300 intro lines may take around 15 minutes to review.

How does pay-as-you-go billing work?

You’re charged in increments of 20 credits, at $6 per 20 credits.

How do I get my API key?

By signing up for a (free) account through you will receive your own unique API key that's ready for live testing.

How do Lyne credits work?

1 credit = 1 intro line

Does Lyne work with Gmail addresses?

No, Lyne requires business email addresses.

What data does Lyne need to start?

The only data Lyne needs to start a scan is a list of emails or LinkedIn profiles.

Where can I get support for my API setup?

We're available nearly 24/7 in the live chat right here on our website, or through

How do I request a new feature?

To request a new feature, please contact us via chat or by sending us an email at

How long does it take to write lines?

One lyne takes around 4-5 seconds to be written.

How many prospects can I process in one call?

Each call is limited to 100 prospects, however you're not limited in the amount of calls you can make.

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