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AI Powered Cold Email Intro Lines

Scale your cold email campaigns without hiring more manpower

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Automate the tedious and time-consuming process of crafting personalized intro lines.
Automated cold email intro writer
AI lead generation bot

Tired of writing personalized first lines?

Say goodbye to that spreadsheet. Hire a robot as your next assistant and save hours of time per day.

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Cold email artificial intelligence automation

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The benefit of Lyne is simple. Take one of the longest, time-consuming steps of your workflow, and automate it.

40:1 Email:Demo Ratio

By using personalized introductions for your cold emails you'll see reply rates, open rates, and positive response rates like never before.
Cold email automation with AI
Cold email artificial intelligence automation

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"I'm so excited, I discovered your software at such a prime time. I wasn't going to take on the client because of how many emails he wanted to send but we're good thanks to Lyne!"

Joe M, CEO at LeadSpyder

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Hey Jeff,
{Read that FeaturedCustomers ranked as the number one CRM software vendor in the Spring 2021 Customer Success Report. Congratulations on being the best in the industry!}
Hey Ethan,
{I see that you're a big fan of Sun Tzu. I like that you've taken his advice to heart.}
Hey Mick,
{Heard you've been successful in growing affiliate and partner sales. Impressed by the way you've been able to grow Corel's affiliate program by 135% and increase their ROI by 196%.}

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